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British PM Boris Johnson claims that if Putin were a woman, he would never have attacked Ukraine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin would never have invaded Ukraine if he were a woman. Johnson's remarks came during an interview with German media after the G7 summit in Germany. He said that G-7 leaders have been making a strong demand for an end to the war in Ukraine, but this does not appear to be possible at present.

Johnson said Putin was not offering peace. He said that if you want a perfect example of 'venomous masculinity,' that's what Putin is doing in Ukraine. The British PM demanded that Western countries support Ukraine, so it could be in the best position possible if peace talks with Moscow were possible.

Johnson called Putin's attack on Ukraine 'crazy'. There seems to be no end to Russia's attack on Ukraine, which has been going on for more than four months now. Meanwhile, NATO has also described Russia as the "greatest and direct threat" to the peace and security of its members.

The coalition of thirty countries said this in a statement at its summit in Madrid on Wednesday.

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