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BREAKING NEWS ON OMICRON : AIIMS expert strongly objects to decision to vaccinate children,

The central government has decided to vaccinate children at a time when there is a risk of Omicron infection. Children between the ages of 15 and 18 will be vaccinated. Prime Minister Modi announced this. But this has been strongly objected to by AIIMS specialist doctors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday announced the immunization of children. Vaccination of children in the age group of 15 to 18 years will start from January 3. However, senior AIIMS expert Dr. Sanjay K. Rai has raised questions over the government's decision. He termed the Centre's decision as "unscientific". He also said that there would be no additional benefit from this.

Rai is also the President of the Indian Public Health Association. "Before taking this step, the government should have analyzed the data of the countries where vaccination is being carried out," he said. Rai tweeted tagging the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). I am a big fan of Prime Minister Modi. We admire him for his selfless service to the country and for making the right decisions at the right time. "I am completely disappointed with their 'unscientific' decision to vaccinate children," he said.

why in news?

Rai has clarified his point of view. Any intervention should have a purpose. Its purpose is to prevent corona infection or severity or death. But according to the knowledge we have about vaccines, they are incapable of doing much harm to the infection. In some countries, even after receiving booster shots, citizens continue to be infected, Rai said.

It is estimated that 50,000 people are infected in the UK every day. Therefore, vaccination has shown that coronary heart disease cannot be prevented. But vaccines are effective in preventing the severity of infection and death. The death toll from coronary heart disease is estimated at 1.5 per cent. That means 15,000 deaths for a population of one million, he said.

"Vaccination can prevent 80-90 per cent of these deaths," he said. This means that 13,000 to 14,000 deaths per 10 lakh (population) can be prevented. But serious side effects have also been reported after vaccination. This figure is between 10 and 15 per one million population. The severity of the infection is much lower in young children, he said. According to public figures, only two deaths per 1 million population have been recorded, he said.


What did the Prime Minister announce?

Addressing the nation on the occasion of Christmas, the Prime Minister made several big announcements. In many parts of the world today, patients are seeing new variants of the Omicron corona. No need to worry. Be careful and alert. Vaccination will now start in the country for children in the age group of 15 to 18 years. Next year, in 2022, the vaccination will start from Monday, January 3, said Prime Minister Modi.

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