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Blackout and strategic dam affected in Kherson;300 members of Russian marines were killed or missing

Russian-established authorities have reported power and water damage in occupied Kherson, blaming Ukrainian attacks on nearby power lines and a major dam. He urged residents to "remain calm" and said they would resolve the situation "quickly". However, the head of Ukraine's regional administration blamed Russia for the power cuts.

According to Russian media, there was some power outage due to damage to the nearby hydroelectric Kakhovka Dam after the missile hit; however, Ukraine has not commented on the reports, which cannot be independently verified.Ukraine has recently warned that Russian forces intend to blow up the dam, causing devastating flooding for hundreds of thousands of people in the surrounding region.

Kherson – which lies beneath the dam – fell to Russia within the first days of the war, but as Ukrainian forces advanced, they set their sights on taking it back.

Donetsk In 'heavy loss.'

President Zelensky said in his nightly televised address that Russia was suffering "heavy losses" as it carried out "horrific" strikes in Ukraine's eastern Donetsk region. Russia-focused independent media outlet The Insider reported that in four days, 300 members of a brigade of Russian marines were killed, wounded or missing in the Pavlivka area.

Supporters of Russia are drawing attention to the alleged dire situation of the Post Brigade on Telegram channels.

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