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Big News: Very soon, you may have to pay for using Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp

Social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp have become a part of our daily life. It would not be wrong to say that we all have become addicted to these social media applications. Our day starts with WhatsApp messages and ends with watching Reels on Facebook and Instagram. But now it is understood that Insta, WhatsApp, and Facebook will charge the money.

You must know that Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. A new section has been started in this meta. There are reports that this new segment is working on a paid feature. In the future, you will have to pay to use these features. The important thing is that the head of this department will be Prathini Roy. Prathini Roy has previously held the responsibilities as Head of Research at Meta.

What is the company's plan?

According to an international tech website, Meta has launched a separate division. The name of this section is New Monetization Experiences. This section will work on paid features on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Other companies also offer paid features

Twitter, Snapchat, and Meta generate the largest advertising revenue share. But with the help of this new department, the company will get a means of earning money even without advertisements. Companies such as Snapchat and Twitter have already started providing paid features.

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