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Big Blow to Hamas: Billal al Kedra, the Nukhba commander was killed by Israeli strikes

In a significant escalation of hostilities in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that they launched a massive overnight offensive targeting more than a hundred military installations across various parts of the Gaza Strip.

The attack, which occurred on Saturday night, left a trail of destruction in its wake, including Hamas headquarters, military compounds, launchers, anti-tank posts, and observation posts.

Among the areas that bore the brunt of the Israeli strikes were Zaytoun and Khan Yunis, both of which sustained significant damage. The IDF further disclosed that the military headquarters of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization were also destroyed in the relentless assault.

In a statement released by the IDF, it was revealed that Billal al Kedra, the Nukhba commander of forces in Khan Yunis, was killed on Saturday night. The IDF alleged that al Kedra bore responsibility for the recent attacks in Kibbutz Nirim, which took place when Hamas launched its attack on Israel last weekend.

The Hamas media office in Gaza responded to the Israeli offensive by confirming that several areas in the region, including Gaza City in the north and Rafah in the south, had come under attack during the overnight operation. Furthermore, the office reported that Israeli tanks were actively shelling eastern regions of Gaza, causing panic among the civilian population.

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