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Biden urges its nationals to "Reset" their opinion on Pandemic and his Presidency

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden addressed the State of The Union pleaded with the local citizens of the United States to stop deeming the chaos caused by the virulent Coronavirus as a political fault line. Nearly, marking 1 million death rate witnessed due to the insurmountable virus, Biden asked its nationals to "reset" their view for the coronavirus scenario and not view this humongous number of death as political negligence. He said, "Let’s use this moment to reset."

Biden after witnessing his first year exhibiting a plunge in his public ratings and ambitious plans hindering, Biden took the initiative to address the nationals regarding his endeavours and simultaneously pep up for the midterm election in November.

While addressing through to the state of the Union, he swapped his words from “build back better,” to "building a better America" as his previous legislative agenda didn't attain the desired accomplishment. He claimed that he would confront the inflation which the world would witness during and after the war between Russia and Ukraine. He further added that "a better plan" will await to seek the crisis of inflation.

Simultaneously he also acknowledged that the Americans might feel frustrated and exhausted with the ongoing scenario, but with new better plans, coronavirus would be handled more eloquently and the requirement of mask would be reduced. Biden also laid his attention on a new war escalated in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, a war between autocracy and democracy. He stated that "such circumstances shouldn't have arisen, so petrifying for the people across the globe to see what's at stake, now everyone witnesses it explicitly."

Adding further challenging statement in his speech he blatantly warned the Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggressive actions would be responded with myriad sanctions which will make sure to undermine the economy of Russia.

He blatantly sent a sharpened message to Moscow by claiming that “He has no idea what’s coming." Though the US troops are not directly involved in the fight against Russia, still the war could fetch immense I sought circumstances and one of them being a spike in gas prices.

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