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Belgium-British Pilot Zara Rutherford backs the title "Youngest woman to fly solo around the world"

The 19-year old Belgium-British Pilot Zara Rutherford sets the benchmark as the youngest woman pilot to fly solo around the world, landing her airplane in western Belgium on Thursday marking 155 days of her departure. Her astonishing record made it count on herself and her family. Through her accomplishment, Zara stimulated many young women trying to establish their feet in male-dominated sectors like aviation.

She claimed that her adventure gave thrills as well as chills to her as she wadded through Tundra to Typhoons in the Philippines and the splendor beauty of the Arabian Desert. She further said, “it takes time, patience, and lots of work, but it is incredible.” In her 155 days of journey, she went through all waxes and wanes of the weather, flying over solitude seas and bleak lands and sometimes sequestered in the tiny Siberian village of Ayan, without any contact with her family.

Though the overall record would remain out of Zara’s grasp as the 18-year old Briton Travis Ludlow has set the record last year.

According to the sources her global flight was about to take three months but the continued bad weather conditions impelled her to delay her adventure by two months.

During her 155 days long adventure sometimes she felt fear for her life and at the other instant she coveted for simple comforts of her home but brought up by her parents who themselves are Pilots, Zara started dreaming of Flying around the world, and at the age of 14, she started flying herself.

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