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Attack on the car of Nitish Kumar, the crowd broke the car's glass

Since the change of power in Bihar, the opposition has been attacking the Nitish Kumar-led Mahagathbandhan government on the issue of law and order. In the capital Patna, an angry mob attacked the car of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's convoy. The mob shattered the car's glass involved in the CM's convoy.

However, only the convoy of CM's car was passing at the time of the incident. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was not present in any vehicle of the convoy at that time. It is said that the incident took place near Sohgi Mor of Gaurichak police station area of ​​Patna. In this incident, the glass of some cars included in the convoy of vehicles of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was broken. According to the information, on Sunday, the cars running in the carcade of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar were pelted with stones. People also broke the glass by hitting the vehicles with sticks and stones.

It was a coincidence that when the cars running in the Chief Minister's carcade were attacked, Nitish Kumar was not present in any vehicle of this convoy. In the attack of a mob in Sohagi village of Gaurichak on Patna-Gaya road, the glasses of 3-4 cars of CM's convoy have been broken. The incident happened in the evening. The security personnel who are part of the Chief Minister's security were in the convoy when the incident occurred. This convoy was going as an advance party for the CM's visit on Monday.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will inspect the rubber dam under construction in Gaya on 22 August. CM Nitish Kumar will also preside over a meeting regarding the drought situation in the district. The Chief Minister had to go to Gaya by helicopter; for this, his convoy of vehicles was going to Gaya a day earlier. According to Patna District Magistrate (DM) Dr Chandrashekhar Singh, the body of youth missing for the last 2-3 days was recovered. Angry people blocked the Patna-Gaya road in the Sohagi village of Gaurichak.

Alleging the murder of the youth, the local people had blocked the wheel by placing the body of the youth on the road and in the meantime, the Chief Minister's carcade was passing through there,

When the convoy of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's vehicles was passing through the spot, the anger of the people jamming the wheel flared up. The angry mob pelted stones at the convoy of CM Nitish's vehicles. Angry people also attacked the car's glass with sticks and vandalized it. The glass of the car got shattered in this incident. There are also reports of some people getting injured. After this incident, questions have started arising regarding law and order.

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