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An airplane crashes in China.

China Eastern Airlines carrying 133 passengers has crashed in the mountains in southern China’s Guangxi region even the country’s civil aviation authorities have admitted about the plane crash.

A Boeing 737 was en route from the southwestern city of Kunming to Guangzhou but then suddenly the plane lost its contact when it was around the city of Wuzhou.

This plane has 123 passengers and 10 crew members on board, the airline has confirmed the details and also added that they had activated all the emergency procedures which include a line for emergency assistance for passengers and crew’s family members.

Rescue efforts are carried out, but the authorities have not confirmed an official number of casualties and deaths. The airline has offered condolences to those who might have been killed in this horrific incident the airline has also not given any information about any casualties or deaths due to the crash.

The airline has given a statement in which they said that “ the cause of the plane crash is under investigation. The company expresses its sorrowful condolences to the passengers and crew members who died in this plane crash.”

While Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the country's emergency services to “organize a search and rescue operation and identify the cause of the accident.”

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