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Amul: not just a brand but a step towards freedom of India.

Amul is a brand that has gained recognition across the globe because of its amazing taste and texture. No matter in which part of the world you are located, you've heard about this well-known brand at least once in your life. Like any other brand, this brand also holds an enriched history. Have you ever thought about the story behind this and how it managed to become a globally known company? Let's have a look.

Amul: A journey towards self-sufficiency

To understand the true scenario when Amul was founded, you have to understand the situation that farmers of India used to face in the 1940s. Amul was founded in 1946 in Gujarat, India. At that time, farmers were frustrated because of the exploitation of farmers because of the middlemen. Poor farmers were tortured by merchants day after day. At that time, a radar Ballav Bhai Patel suggested the farmers be self-dependent. India was then under the rule of England. Indian men were fighting for freedom and finding new ways to get themselves out of the grip of Englishmen.

In the meantime, The farmers of Gujarat started to create their milk products without any interruption of middlemen. For then, it was like a freedom movement as well. The farmers wanted to create their brand for the people of Gujarat, along with the people of India and fortune took their side. All of their products were loved by people across India and Indians started to welcome this domestic brand with open arms.

When this brand started to gain recognition across India, Dr Vergese Kurien founded Amul Corporation in 1946. Dr Kirein was one of the leading faces of this "white revolution" and is popularly known as the father of the white revolution in India.

In 1947, when India got its freedom, under the rule of prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Amul became the face of milk products in India and eventually, they started to expand their business in other parts of India as well. The era of globalization was knocking on the door and Amul started to export their products to neighbouring countries and eventually, overseas. Now, Amul is popular as a brand in over 50 countries across the brand including USA and Africa.

The secrets behind the raise of Amul

Amul has the same strategy that every successful business does, but with more seriousness.

Advertising strategy

All of us know about the main advertising strategy of Amul. It is the Amul girl. The company represents the Amul girl as the girl of India. It was so touching to people across the country as it conveys a message, " A brand that is created by and for the girls of the nation". Amul has done hundreds of advertising campaigns at that time to promote their thought.


Versatility is the main key to success in any business. Amul was a versatile company from the very starting. They have launched hundreds or thousands of products till now. Understanding the needs of the market is the main thing. Amul started with milk and a few milk products such as butter, ghee etc. But now, it owns everything that can be created from milk. Whether it is sliced/cubed cheese, milkshakes, bread spread, milk powder, cheese sauce, ice cream and what not! It also owns a wide range of low fat and cholesterol-free products as well. It was the first company in the world that used buffalo milk to produce skimmed milk in the 1960s.

One brand

Though Amul has a huge range of products, they are under an only brand name, Amul. With no sub-brands, Amul has become a powerful brand worldwide. Instead of promoting different products individually, they give more attention to promoting the mother brand to increase the brand awareness among people. This one brand scheme was their game-changer.


No matter which Amul product you purchase, one thing that you'll always find in common is purity. Amul never compromises with purity and that's the main reason behind its popularity.

A powerful supply chain

Amul has the three-level cooperative structure of the village-level dairy cooperative society. It has an amazing supply chain and Amul follows an amazing supply model that allows it to supply its products in different parts of the country and even overseas on time with 100% efficiency. Because of the supply model that Amul follows, India has become the largest milk producer in the world.

Meet market segments

Amul has a diversified product portfolio that meets every market segment. No matter which milk made product you need, Amul has a solution for you.

Amul and social responsibility

Amul had never forgotten their social responsibility. There are thousands of funds worldwide, especially in India that are supported by Amul. Previously, Amul has done many campaigns to increase social awareness on different issues such as women's safety, child labour etc. They have also tried to improve the conditions of farmers both socially and economically. Their sense of social responsibility also indicates a healthy working environment within the factories. The profit is always well distributed among the members and the company also takes care of the mental health of its staff.

Most famous products of Amul across the globe

Most of the products owned by Amul are famous across the globe but some particular products are most loved in different countries.

Amul milk

Amul cheese

Amul Milk chocolate

Amul butter

Amul Ghee

Amul bread spread

Amul ice cream

Amul sweet collections etc.

Ending words

Amul proves how one can get success with pure intentions and hard work. The foundation of Amul was a revolution not only in the history of India but also in the history of the world, known as the white revolution of India. Amul was a step towards self-sufficiency of Indian farmers, it was a step towards independence which is now recognised in different parts of the world. Let us know in the comment section, which Amul products are your favourite and why.

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