Amid Ukraine, crisis Macron tries to shun all possibilities of war and reshape European security

The ongoing confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine crisis has reached its apex juncture as both sides seem to have locked their horns. The United States has alerted NATO and has deployed huge numbers of troops to Europe. On the other hand, Russia has installed whopping numbers of troops, arsenal, and warships at the Ukraine frontline. Contradictorily to the present petrifying scenario, diplomatic endeavors are incessantly made to reach a potential solution over the Ukraine crisis.

Amid the rising tension, the French President seems to stand at the center for reaching over a diplomatic conscience with Russia. French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledges the necessity of reaching a deal that can exhort to evade war possibilities and can provide an appropriate forum for Russia to raise its security concern. Moscow has raised the demand for deterring Ukraine from joining the NATO alliance and has also demanded the reduction of military presence in Eastern Europe. Concurrently western countries have denied fulfilling these demands.

Simultaneously Mr. Macron shouldering the responsibility of diplomacy claimed that Russia’s aim was not of invading Ukraine but transparency and clarity of the rules with NATO and the EU. He further stated that his deliberation with the Russian President would be on wider issues and would be enough to put a halt to ongoing military conflict.

Mr. Macron also spoke with US President Joe Biden and said that Russia also has a right to raise its security concerns, but the dialogue with Russia will not intent the weakening of any European state. He further acknowledged that “we should protect our European brothers by agreeing to a new balance, competent enough of protecting and preserving their sovereignty and peace”.

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