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Amid the Ukraine crisis: power clash between US and Russia at UN Security Council

Amid the rising tension over the Ukraine crisis, the world witnessed an angry clash between US and Russian envoys at UN Security Council during a meeting summoned to discuss Moscow’s troops installed on its border with Ukraine. The US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield stated that the mobilization was the largest, Europe had witnessed in decades.

On the other hand, Greenfield’s Russian counter partner alleged that the US is instigating unsought hysteria and unacceptable interference in Russian affairs.

During the meet at UN Security Council, the Russian Ambassador seems to be denying the claims made by the US.

Vasily Nebenzya stated that there was no such proof of Russia's planning to invade Ukraine and that the UN is not confirmed about the installation of troops on Ukraine frontline. He further said that it was not the concern of Washington regarding the internal matters OF Russia, as Russia had often deployed troops on its border.

According to an estimation Russia has placed around 100,000 troops, missiles, tanks, and weapons near Ukraine’s frontline. Meanwhile, every diplomatic Endeavour is made and US secretary of state Antony Blinken is likely to hold a meeting with Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday. The US has also claimed that it has finally received a response from Russia over the matter of de-escalating the Ukraine crisis.

In addition, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to travel to Kyiv on Tuesday as scheduled. His visit is aimed at collaborating with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and seeking a diplomatic solution to the arguments with Moscow and eludes further bloodshed.

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