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America's Nancy Pelosi arrived safely: Video of air siren in China and Warm up firing

The US Parliament's lower house representative, Nancy Pelosi, has reached Taiwan.

All eyes are on his visit amidst China's constant threats and tense situation. China, which considers Taiwan as its part, had threatened America that it would consider this visit of Nancy Pelosi as interference in its internal affairs.

Video of air Siren in China

China had clearly said that if this visit took place, then America would have to face bad consequences. Even before Nancy Pelosi reached Taiwan, there was news that China had conducted a cyber attack on Taiwan. According to the report, the official website of Taiwan's presidential office has been attacked by hackers. On the other hand, Chinese fighter jets flying around the strait between Taiwan and China are now crossing the border and entering the border of Taiwan.

Video of warm up firing of China just before Pelosi's landing

Nancy Pelosi wrote - After arriving in Taiwan, the time to choose between dictatorship and democracy, Nancy Pelosi tweeted, 'Our delegation's visit to Taiwan further strengthens America's unwavering promise that it has supported Taiwan's democracy. Our discussions with the Taiwanese leadership reaffirm our support.

This will help advance Taiwan and our common interest in a free and independent Indo-Pacific region.

It is further written, 'America's dialogue with the 23 million people of Taiwan is the most powerful key in the very first time itself. It's American in some way. taiwan yon box yon ba ba.

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