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Aliens, eyeing the Russia-Ukraine war? Astronomers claim to have seen UFOs in Kyiv

Astronomers in war-torn Ukraine claim a UFO has flown over Kyiv. A paper in this regard has been published by the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The report, titled 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Observations of Event,' states that two meteor observation stations in Kyiv and the nearby village of Vinarivka have detected UFOs. Such a claim made by Ukrainian astronomers is now raising the question of whether aliens keep an eye on the war between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the report of Live Science, the US has not justified the claim of the astronomers of Ukraine. It has been said that what is described as a UFO points to aircraft and drones being used in the ongoing war in Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian astronomers say, 'We have seen them everywhere.

We examined many large objects whose nature is not clear. A group and squadron of ships were detected, moving at 3 to 5 degrees per second. In the paper, UFOs in Ukraine have been kept in two types.

In which one is a giant looking while the other is a phantom. The first appear bright, while the second absorbs all kinds of light within itself, which is not visible. Ukrainian researchers say that the eye cannot see events lasting less than a second. Because it takes four-tenths of a second to recognize a possibility, even ordinary cameras and video recorders will not capture UFOs. However, so far, these reports are not fully confirmed whether the claims of Ukrainian astronomers are true or whether they have mistaken some other flying objects in the sky as UFOs.

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