According to US President Biden, India’s relationship with Russia is “rather shaky.”

With its “shaky” attitude to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden warned Monday that India was an outlier among Washington’s friends.

Biden praised the US-led alliance’s united stance against President Vladimir Putin, which includes NATO, the European Union, and key Asian partners.

This involves damaging Russia’s economy, foreign trade, and access to high-tech items through unprecedented sanctions.

However, unlike the other members of the Quad, Australia, Japan, and the United States, India continues to buy Russian oil and has declined to vote in UN resolutions denouncing Moscow.

Biden told a gathering of US business leaders in Washington that there had been a “unified front throughout NATO and in the Pacific.”

“With the probable exception of India, which has been shaky on some of this, the Quad has been extraordinarily firm in dealing with Putin’s aggression, as has Australia.”

Putin was “depending on being able to break NATO,” but “NATO has never been stronger, more united in its whole existence than it is today,” according to Biden.

Even as the West strives to isolate Moscow, Indian oil refiners are apparently continuing to buy inexpensive Russian oil.

According to a government official in India, the world’s third-largest consumer of oil imports about 85 percent of its needs, with Russia supplying a “marginal” less than one percent of this.

“However, the increase in oil prices as a result of the Ukraine crisis has added to our challenges… India must continue to focus on competitive energy sources,” the official noted.

New Delhi, which has had close ties with Moscow in the past, has called for an end to the carnage in Ukraine but has refrained from denouncing Russia’s invasion, voting no in three UN votes.

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