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According to the deputy mayor, Russia has not gained control of Bakhmut

According to the deputy mayor, Russia has not seized control of Bakhmut.

The deputy mayor of Bakhmut has spoken out about the city's predicament, claiming that there is fighting in the streets.

Deputy mayor Marchenko Said Radio 4's Today programme-

"There is fighting in the city and there are also street fights but thanks to the Ukrainian armed forces they still haven’t taken control over the city."

He also made statement on Russian invasion-

"Their only goal is killing people and the genocide of the Ukrainian people…the tactic that the Russians are using is the tactic of parched land.
They want to destroy Bakhmut, they want to destroy the city…and I honestly can’t understand why they’re doing this.”

He estimated that there were "4,000 or 4,500" Ukrainian residents in the city, but "they did not know for sure."

People in Bakhmut are staying in shelters with "no water, gas, or power," he says, although they have been given heaters.

Marchenko also added

"The city is almost destroyed and there’s not a single building that has remained untouched in this war. There are completely detroyed, districts, buildings and apartment blocks.”

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