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A strange claim by a US woman: "I am arrested because I am beautiful; Police tried to rape me."

The police arrested a woman in Las Vegas; this woman made a strange accusation against the police. The woman claimed that the police arrested her because she looked very beautiful. Her claim has also created excitement among the police.

The police arrested a 28-year-old woman on the charge of defaulting on the restaurant bill. However, this woman has made a strange accusation against the police. She said that the police arrested her because she looked beautiful. Not only this, but the woman has also accused the police of raping her.

What exactly happened?

This case is from America, and this woman's name is Hend Bastami. She is reported to be working in the hospitality sector. Bastami is accused of violating the airport code at Reed International Airport. She ate at a restaurant there. But, she did not pay the bill there. So the restaurant owner called the police, and the police arrested her.

This time she fought with the officers and said she was being harassed because the police had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. Not only this, but she has also alleged that the police tried to rape her.

The woman threatened to spit on the police and alleged that the police misbehaved with her. In this regard, a case has been filed at the Clark County Detention Center. The woman is likely to be released on a bond of $1000. She has been ordered to appear in court on October 27.

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