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A NRI engineer demands in favour of Bihar.

Ritesh Kumar Mishra is an Overseas Indian and FCI member. He is an Aircraft Engineer in an airline in Abu Dhabi, Dubai for the last 20 years. He raised his voice to make Bihar better. He appealed to the government to end his difficulties.

Ritesh Kumar Mishra has been making rounds of government offices for the last several years and is making every effort to reach his voice to the government. He is demanding from the government that direct flight facility from Bihar to UAE.

Due to the lack of direct flight from Bihar to UAE, the people there have to face so much, they told that they are making every unsuccessful effort so that their voice reaches the government and an international airport should be built in Bihar. To facilitate the people of Ritesh Kumar Mishra has toured from Bihar Government to Central Government and PM Office regarding his demand. Ritesh Kumar Mishra met Bihar's youth MP and LJP President Chirag Paswan a few days ago and said a couple of things about the problem of Biharis living in UAE. He requested the government to restore direct flight from Bihar to UAE.

He told the President that there are lakhs of people of Bihar in UAE who have gone there to earn money and everyone keeps going to Bihar but in the midst of all this, they are unable to reach their home in Bihar due to lack of money.

He said that in UAE, both rich and poor people are earning money by working and all want to go to their homes also want to live in their families but due to lack of facilities, people reach their homes with great difficulty and some money. They stay away from their family due to the scarcity of money because they do not have enough money to meet their family.

Due to the people of Bihar catching flights from other states, both their money and time are more. Meanwhile, the LJP chief listened to Ritesh's words seriously and told him to provide all necessary help.

Due to the absence of flights from Bihar, people of Bihar have to catch flights from other states like Kolkata Lucknow Mumbai. In his letter, the Lok Sabha MP has requested the Civil Aviation Minister to arrange a direct flight from Bihar to UAE so that there is no inconvenience to the migrants of Bihar.In this regard, Ritesh Kumar Mishra said that 'I was trying for a long time to have a direct flight from Bihar to UP, regarding which I knocked on the door from the Bihar government to the central government, I mailed the PM office three times but now Till now no action has been seen from their side.

He also told that President Chirag Paswan has written a letter to the Civil Aviation Minister regarding this time, he is hopeful that the solution of this problem of his as well as the people of Bihar will be found soon. Ritesh Kumar's demand is that the unemployed in Bihar should be removed, 5 star hotels should be constructed in Bihar and tourism should also be promoted in Bihar.

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