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A new strain of Monkeypox was found in Britain

There has been a stir in the UK after a new variant of Monkeypox was found. The person in whom this virus has been found here had recently traveled to West Africa.

In a statement issued by UK Health Services, it has been said that genome sequencing has indicated that it differs from the current variant in the UK. At the same time, efforts are also being made to gather information about whom this person has come in contact with so far.

On behalf of the health officials, it has been said that strict steps have been taken to prevent Monkeypox here. Along with this, all other necessary measures are also being adopted so that the common people do not face any problems. Sofia Maki, director of the UK Health Security Agency, said: "We are continuing to issue warnings to all people traveling to West and Central Africa.

Along with this, he is also being advised that if any symptoms of Monkeypox are seen inside him, he should give information by calling 111. On the one hand, the contact tracing of this person is being done, while on the other hand, it is a matter of relief that no other case related to this has come to the fore. At the same time, some of the symptoms of this disease have come to the fore. Some of them are so serious that even the patient is admitted to the hospital. According to experts, the risk of infection with this disease is very high for gays and bisexuals.

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