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A man throws eggs at King Charles, the Queen Consort in York

Police in the United Kingdom arrested a man on Wednesday for throwing eggs at King Charles III. and Queen Consort Camilla during a public engagement in northern England. Videos on social media showed at least three eggs flying past the British monarch as he greeted people. In one video, an unfazed Charles watches an egg fly by, smiling and continuing to greet people.

The royal couple was at the historic Micklegate bar in the city of York in the northeast of England. In the video, some people can be heard chanting "God save the king" and "shame on you" to the man who threw the egg. As police rushed to drag the man away, Charles and Camilla smiled and went ahead with their engagement in a traditional ceremony welcomed by the mayor of York to welcome the new king to the city, Reuters reported.

Charles, crowned in September after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is on a two-day tour of northern England. It's not the first time Charles (or the royal family) has faced the eggs thrown at him. In 1995, he was walking downtown Dublin, Ireland, when confronted with an egg threat. Earlier this year, protesters threw eggs at the late Queen's car in Nottingham, central England.

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