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A Blatant account of Mental Illness by Swadesh Deepak

Recent years have seen an exponential rise in the toll of mental illness and are still witnessing skyrocketing statics of people battling with mental illness. Compelled to live within the four walls of the house for many months many individuals have become vulnerable to the stark reality of mental illness.

Mental illness at the verge can devour the peace from the life of an individual and keep on pouncing at the victim if not vocalized and cured. Mental illness can secretly deteriorate the person if not detected and can impel an individual to live in the shades of fear fabricated from ghastly imagination. Thus, it is very crucial to blatantly speak out and detect the cause of the mental illness.

One such personality Swadesh Deepak, a renowned Hindi writer and the author of several plays and short stories has given a blatant and unflinching account of his struggle of mental illness; in the book titled I HAVE NOT SEEN MANDU. His own experience of battling mental illness has astonished and simultaneously stimulated individuals to prevent themselves from getting entrapped into the snare of mental illness. His battle against his mental illness, drifting in the exile of the dark pit and at last valiantly emerging out of that exile has led the readers in a state of awe and astonishment. Many have claimed this work to be a courageous and gallantry work that requires great courage to go through the tormenting experiences which the writer has himself witnessed.

To crown it all mental illness can cast a ghastly impact on the life of an individual and bereft them from their peaceful life by driving them away into an imaginative world of fear. Thus, it is very crucial to communicate and speak out with more and more people and swap your feelings and understanding. Exchanging your botheration can help and prevent an individual from getting entwined into the mental disorder.

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