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800 people were infected with corona on an Australian cruise stirred, and beach travel docked

A Corona explosion has stirred a holiday cruise in Sydney, Australia. The corona report of 800 passengers on the cruise has come positive. This holiday cruise of Carnival Company is currently docked in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. This incident has once again brought back old memories when in the year 2020, more than 800 cases of coronavirus were reported on the Ruby Princess cruise of the same company, and 28 people also died. After confirming coronavirus cases on the ship, the state health authorities have considered it to be Tier-3 level, indicating a high infection level.

Home Affairs Minister Claire said authorities had established a routine protocol following the Ruby Princess incident and that New South Wales would ensure how and on what basis passengers were evacuated from the Majestic Princess cruise ship. According to media reports, there were about 4600 passengers and crew members on the cruise.

Coronavirus cases started coming to the fore only 12 days after the cruise left the voyage. Marguerite Fitzgerald, the cruise company's president, told ABC television that additional protocols were put in place once the coronavirus cases began to rise at Carnival. Earlier this week, the Australian government said there had been an increase in coronavirus cases across the country. This increase in corona cases is due to its Omicron variant.

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