5G service Danger to aircraft? Air India's big decision, 14 US flights canceled!

The United States has launched 5G internet service in the north. The blow has hit the airline. Some airlines, including Air India, have canceled some of their flights. Efforts are now being made by DGCA to streamline traffic.

Several major international airlines, including Air India, have canceled flights to the US or replaced aircraft in use due to the 5G dispute. The new 5G mobile phone service could have an impact on airline technology, and airlines have canceled flights due to these concerns. Following the decision of the airlines, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is trying to bring the situation under control.

Some airlines have warned that the new high-speed wireless service could have a major impact on Boeing 777s, which are used around the world. But it is not clear how much the cancellation of flights will affect the airline. Many airlines have said that they are trying to use only different aircraft to continue their service.

With the launch of 5G internet service in the US, it will no longer operate Indo-US airlines, Air India has tweeted. These Air India flights include Delhi-New York, New York-Delhi, Delhi-Chicago, Chicago-Delhi, Delhi-San Francisco, San Francisco-Delhi, Delhi-Newark, and Newark-Delhi. Meanwhile, according to the latest information, the Boeing company has given permission to the Boeing 777 aircraft saying that there is no threat to transportation in the United States. The first Air India flight to the United States took off this morning, Air India said.

The US is in talks with airlines to overcome the situation caused by 5G internet services, said Arun Kumar, head of DGCA, the regulator of Indian aviation. Telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon Communications have said work on launching new wireless services near airports will be postponed.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved a number of flights with 5G signals to fly at airports. But the Boeing 777 is not on the list. In the United States, the issue has led to disputes between the FAA and airlines, the Federal Communications Commission, and telecom companies. The 5G's effect on the aircraft's radio altimeter can cause the engine and braking system to stall. The FAA recently said that this could cause problems for aircraft on the runway.

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