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Zelensky claims to have ‘ Conclusive Evidence’ that Russia has committed a Massacre

While giving a speech to the United Nations Security Council, Ukrainian President Zelensky has again accused the Russian troops of committing war crimes in Ukraine’s Bucha.

He has said that: “it is 2022 now. We have conclusive evidence” he also added that “ so there are satellite images. We can conduct a full and transparent investigation.”

The comments by Zelensky come as Ukrainian officials continue to accuse the Russian military forces of committing a war crime and even a “genocide” in Bucha after the Ukrainian troops retook control of Kyiv.

Also, according to CNN, the lifeless bodies of 20 people have been found on the streets of Bucha. Some are lying face down on the pavement while others are collapsed; this gives us a glance at Russia’s horrors.

The town of Bucha has witnessed five weeks of close and constant firefights. The officials and the human rights groups blame civilian deaths on the departed Russian forces. Bucha’s mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk told Reuters that: “Corpses of executed people still line the Yabluska street in Bucha. Their hands are tied behind their backs with white ‘civilian’ rags, and they were shot in the back of their heads. So you can imagine what kind of lawlessness they perpetrated here.”

There seems to be no end to the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Ordinary people continue to suffer in the war.

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