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Ukrainian MP blatantly claims, “President Biden’s speech didn’t reassure me as a Ukrainian.”

As the Russian-Ukraine war has reached its one-month-long hostilities, the members of the EU and NATO held a meeting in Brussels to discuss the gravity of the unfolding events in Ukraine. Amid such a grave situation, President Joe Biden in Poland met the top Ukrainian leaders and warned the Russian Federation for its hostile activities. He said, “Don’t even entertain the idea of expanding the invasion to NATO territory.”

During his meeting with top Ukraine leaders, he addressed the people of Ukraine and assured them of the support. President Biden’s assurance came in the background when nearly 4 million Ukrainians had already been driven out of their territory. Ukraine MP Inna Sovsun has blatantly criticized the hoax assurance exhibited by US President Biden.

Through her tweet, she said, “President Bident has not spoken a single word that would assure the Ukrainians of the support from the countries.” She further added, “I will be blunt. I didn’t find a single word in President Biden’s speech that would assure me as a Ukrainian that the west would put more endeavors into helping the Ukrainians. I acknowledge his reassurance in Poland but it is Kyiv that is bombarded not Warsaw.”

Since the onset of the war, nearly 3.7 million people have fled Ukraine, according to the stats presented by the UN. Out of this ratio, 90 percent of them are women and children. Moreover, President Zelensky, in his recent video address, has urged its allies to supply more ammunition and planes for its support. The President said, “We are in a need of more ammunition, as we not only need it to protect Ukrainians but also other Eastern European Countries, which are going to be a target of Russia.”

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