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Ukraine has opposed the UN Nuclear watchdogs from entering Russian-occupied Nuclear plants

As we all know, the Russian invasion has entered its fourth month, the war doesn't seem to end, and all diplomatic ties and negotiations have come to stand still. The common person in Ukraine seems to suffer due to this war.

Now Ukraine has said that it has opposed any visits by Rafael Grossi. He is the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomix Energy Agency, to its nuclear plant at Zaporizhzhia while it remains under Russian occupation.

Energoatam, Ukraine's nuclear agency, has written on Telegram that Ukraine did not invite Grossi to visit the Zaporizhia plant and has refused to let him make such a visit in the past. The visit to the plant will only become possible when Ukraine takes back control of the site.

Hence his entry was denied as Ukraine has lost control of the nuclear power plants, and the power plants are in Russia's control.

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