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Ukraine claims Russian separatists killed two of its soldiers, four injured

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, big information has come to the fore. In fact, the Ukrainian military has claimed that two of its soldiers were killed and four were injured in shelling by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine on Saturday. After this action by Russia, the possibility of war between the two countries is increasing. According to the expert, while violence is expected to erupt this week, it could be the trigger for Russian military action. The Ukrainian military said on its Facebook page that it had recorded 70 ceasefire violations by Russian separatists since the beginning of the day, compared to 66 in the past 24 hours. Ukraine has been accused.

Following the incident, a spokesman for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's party issued a statement on Saturday, saying that a group of military officials, lawmakers and foreign media who visited the conflict zone after the attack by Russian separatists came under fire. came and had to be taken to a shelter. The spokesman said Russian separatists were repeatedly violating the ceasefire. Russian separatists blamed Ukraine itself, while Russian separatist officials issued a statement on the social media site Telegram, blaming Ukraine itself.

This statement said that Ukraine first opened fire in separatist-controlled areas, so this attack will be given a befitting reply. Statement issued by G7 Foreign Ministers on Saturday issued a joint statement. "We are deeply concerned about Russia's threatening military build-up around Ukraine, the illegal occupation of Crimea, and in Belarus," the joint statement said. unreasonable mobilization of military forces by Russia is a challenge to global security and to the international.

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