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Twinkle with Akshay arrived in the Maldives for her birthday celebration.

The Maldives is the favorite vacation spot of all the celebs. Many celebs go to the Maldives to celebrate special occasions. Now Bollywood players are also spending quality time in the Maldives with their wife Twinkle Khanna and daughter Nitara before New Year. Akshay will also celebrate the birthday of his lady love Twinkle here.

Twinkle Khanna has also shared a great video from her vacation. In the video, Twinkle is seen walking with peace and comfort. Then suddenly his daughter Nitara comes and hugs him. This video of Twinkle is being liked a lot on social media. In the video, Twinkle is looking so fresh and stunning.

Taking a break from work, Akshay is spending relaxing moments with his family and is having a lot of fun in the Maldives. Both Akshay and Twinkle are also sharing videos and photos of their vacation with the fans.

Akshay has shared a video of himself cycling in the beautiful location of Maldives. A beautiful view of the sea is visible in the background.

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