The UK sends an explicit message to Kremlin, as it prepares the deployment of big troops in Europe

On Saturday amid rising alarm of Ukraine crisis, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced to respond to the increasing “Russian Hostility” towards Ukraine, by deploying weapons, troops and warships in Europe.

“ this offers is made to the NATO military chief and next week could witness the doubling of the numbers of troops currently installed in eastern European countries.” Said his office.

Johnson further stated that “this offer would send an explicit message to the Kremlin… we will not withstand the destabilizing activities of Russia and we will always stand with our NATO allies against the Russian Hostility.” The British leader further claimed that if the Russian President is willing to choose “bloodshed and destruction” in Ukraine, it would turn out to be “a tragedy for Europe.”

Johnson who has been under continuous scrutiny for weeks following a series of scandals, acknowledged the gravity of the situation and said to speak to Putin in the coming days and would urge Russia to de-escalate over Ukraine. Simultaneously, he would be visiting the region by next week. Such a decision taken by Johnson highlights the lowest point in the relations between Russia and the west ever after the Cold war period.

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