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The husband caught his wife red-handed by installing a secret camera in the kitchen!

Broken heart husband

A husband suspects that his wife is mixing poison in his drink and giving it to him. He then hid, installed a camera in the house's kitchen, and caught his wife red-handed. This information comes from the documents filed in the court for a case. According to the New York Post documents, her husband Jack Chen hid a camera in the kitchen to monitor skin specialist Doctor Yu Emily Yu. Both of them were in a relationship for ten years.

Jack had been ill for a few days. They suspected the wife was mixing Drano; a toxic chemical used to clean drains, in their drinks.

Jack gave this CCTV footage to the police. Emily was then arrested from her own office on August 4. After that, she was released on a bond of around 24 lakhs. According to the report, Jack claims that his wife had been physically and mentally harassing him and the children for a long time.

Jack told the court that when Emily gets angry, she yells at the boys. In general, Emily also scolded the children. The police said drinking the chemical used to clean the drains caused significant damage to Jack's body. Jack demands he wants a divorce now.

Jack met Emily in 2011 and married the following year. Jack claimed that he could see a change in Emily after the birth of their two children in 2013 and 2014. Jack also said that both boys had been harassed for many months.

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