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Taj Mahal 22 doors stay locked: Allahabad High Court

A report filed by “Rajneesh Sing”, Who is BJP’s youth media in charge. He wants the Archaeological Survey of India to open closed doors of the Taj Mahal. Exactly 22 doors are closed, and it was asked in the petition to open the doors of 22 rooms “to see the truth or whatever it is”.

Allahabad High Court today rejected the petition seeking an enquiry into the history of the Taj Mahal. As per “Rajneesh Sing”, Who filed the case that false history of Taj Mahal was being thought and people are unaware about the history and heritage. Hence, the door should be open to reveal the truth.

Upon which Court responded that the topic of the Taj Mahal is something which should be discussed and debated in the drawing-room rather than Court of law. And further added, “issues such should be left with historians”.

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