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Stranger things 4 Volume 2

Stranger Things season 4 teases suggest volume 2 will copy a Billy Hargrove mindscape trick seen in season 3, but this time, it will be through Max Mayfield's memories. Netflix has released a new Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 trailer, and it will likely be the final footage seen before the final two episodes are released. Though volume 2 will be shorter than the first set of episodes to make up volume 2, the chapters will be supersized, coming in at around four hours of new content. The two-minute trailer for Stranger Things season 4; volume 2 looks at what's next for every major storyline.

The group in Hawkins is preparing for battle, though their hope of defeating Vecna seems to be dwindling. Will's worry also seems to be getting the best of him as he looks to his older brother, Jonathan, for comfort.

Meanwhile, Hopper, Joyce, and Murray must escape the Russian prison while evading a very angry Demogorgon. There's also Eleven, who is now aware of Henry Creel's origins as "001" and his transformation into Vecna. Despite knowing that she must return to her friends in Hawkins, the Army seems to have tracked her down in Nevada.

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