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Somalia: Al-Shabaab militants entered Mogadishu's Hyatt Hotel; 8 killed, many injured

Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, has a terrorist attack like 26/11 on Mumbai. Some armed militants from Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-linked militant group, entered the Hotel Hyatt in Mogadishu. They are reported to have taken several hostages. Around 8 people were killed, and more than 9 people were injured in the encounter that took place this time.

According to AFP reports, the militants are holed up in the hotel and are clashing with the security forces. It is also known that the attackers detonated a giant bomb before entering the hotel.

Two security officers were injured

On the other hand, police officer Hassan Dahir said that two security officers, including Mogadishu's intelligence chief, Muhyiddin Mohammed, were injured in a clash between security forces and jihadist insurgents. According to eyewitnesses, a second major explosion occurred within minutes of the first explosion. Some members of the security forces and civilians were injured. Security guards have cordoned off the entire area.

There have been attacks before

The al-Shabaab militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The organization said in its statement that a group of Al Shabaab attackers entered Mogadishu's Hyatt Hotel. This time they are firing fiercely.

Notably, this is not the first terrorist attack in Somalia. There have been many such attacks in this country before. Hundreds of people have died in it.

Who are Al-Shabaab?

Al Shabaab is a terrorist organization. The main objective of this organization is to overthrow the government established in Somalia in 2017. Al Shabaab was founded in 2006. This organization adheres to the Wahhabi Islam of Saudi Arabia.

The city of Mogadishu was under the control of the Union of Islamic Courts. It was an association of Sharia courts. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was its leader. In 2006, the Ethiopian army defeated this coalition. Then Al Shabaab emerged. Al Shabaab is a radical wing of the Union of Islamic Courts.

Major Al-Shabaab attacks

In 2017, there was an explosion in the city of Mogadishu. 275 people were killed in it.

Al-Shabaab militants attacked a Kenyan military base in 2016. 180 soldiers were also martyred.

In 2015, there was an attack on a Kenyan university. 148 students were killed in it.

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