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Shells and rockets are flying on Ukrainian front lines despite of Putin's "Ceasefire"

Despite Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordering a 36-hour ceasefire for the Orthodox Christmas, Russian and Ukrainian artillery have continued to pound war-ravaged eastern Ukraine. Reports of artillery fire were reported in Bakhmut, Kreminna, and other locations in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions on Friday following the start of the Moscow-declared truce.

Rockets rained down on residential areas in the cities of Kherson and Kramatorsk before the planned ceasefire began at noon Moscow time (09:00 GMT). News of the ongoing bombardment was met with disbelief by a Ukrainian soldier on the frontlines in Kreminna. "What ceasefire? Can you hear?” the soldier said to Reuters as an explosion rang out in the distance. “What do they want to achieve if they keep on shooting? We know, we have learned not to trust them.”

The Ukrainian forces remain devoted to protecting their country from the Russian-backed separatists. Despite the lack of ceasefire, they remain resolute in their mission to defend the nation.

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