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Russia-Ukraine war erupts, 18,000 Indians stranded

Russia's military action against Ukraine has raised tensions around the world. Similarly, 18,000 Indians are reported to be stranded in Ukraine. The Russo-Ukrainian war has now made the Indians even more nervous.

Russia has launched an attack on Ukraine. The sound of sirens during the war (russia ukraine war) is shocking. These voices are being heard in homes across India through TV channels. The children of Indian families who are stranded in Ukraine are terrified to see smoke and plumes of smoke in the sky.

The operation was launched 72 hours ago to airlift Indians from Ukraine. But it has to stop once the attack starts. It was reported this morning that an Air India flight bound for Ukraine was returning to Delhi.

Air India's AI1947 flew from New Delhi to Kiev for the first time on Tuesday. More than 240 Indians were brought home in dangerous conditions. The 256-seat Boeing 787 Dreamliner was gone. Two more flights were scheduled for Thursday and Saturday this week. But now that the attack has started, it has to be stopped.

The Indian Mission in Kiev had started issuing advisory to Indian nationals a few days back. However, Indians are still stuck there. Flights by air from New Delhi to Ukraine pass through the skies of Pakistan and Iran.

After the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine, the priority of the Indian government is to repatriate its citizens safely. India is considering options to evacuate its citizens after the closure of airspace. The Indian Embassy is in constant touch with New Delhi.

It took 8 hours for an Air India flight from New Delhi to land at Borispil International Airport in Kiev. More flights will be operated to bring Indians from Ukraine. But now that the war has started, the situation has changed, said Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralitharan had said on Wednesday. If the situation worsens in Kiev, civilians could be airlifted to areas less affected by the bombing. Another option is to land a plane in a nearby country.

If the war escalates and the situation does not improve in a few days, India may be able to recruit Indians from neighboring Moldova, a country bordering Ukraine, or in places where bombings have not taken place. However, the decision will have to be taken at the government level and discussions are expected to begin in Delhi.

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