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Russia – Ukraine holds fresh discussions amidst destructive strikes

Russia and Ukraine carried out fresh talks yesterday to stop Moscow’s devastating conflict, despite lethal attacks on a Ukrainian television skyscraper, the capital, and a pro-Moscow separatist province. On the 19th day of the incursion, the fourth round of discussions made no breakthrough other than an intended resumption today, as Russian-backed separatists told that shatters from a shot-down Ukrainian Tochka-U missile frayed the center of Donetsk, slaying 23 people.

Moscow called it a “war crime” and rebels disseminated shots of bloody corpses strewn in the avenue, even as the Ukrainian army refuted having blasted a missile at Donetsk. The United Nations tallies almost 2.8 million people have disappeared Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin undertook the fullscale land and air attack on Feb 24, most of them to Poland, battling to deliver for the arrivals.

Caution by International institutions

UN chief Antonio Guterres announced yesterday that the world must work to impede a “hurricane of starvation and a breakdown of the worldwide food system” following Russia’s incursion of Ukraine. The secretary-general told reporters in New York that the conflict risks spurring far-reaching outcomes for the global food store that will have a devastating effect on the impoverished.

Even before the conflict, he said, developing countries were “struggling to reclaim from the pandemic - with record inflation, surging interest rates and hovering debt burdens”. “Now their abdomen is being barraged,” Guterres said, pointing out that Ukraine delivers more than half of the World Food Program’s wheat store. The International Monetary Fund told yesterday Ukraine’s government proceeds to function, the banking system is reliable and debt payments are attainable in the short term, but the Russian incursion could tumble Ukraine into a devastating slump.

And it instructed that the war could have widespread repercussions, comprising dire global food security due to surging prices and the incapacity to plant crops, especially wheat. At a minimum the country would discern “output plunging 10 percent this year concluding an immediate resolution of the war,” the IMF told in a calculation of the economy in the wake of the Russian incursion.

During its conference with Russian diplomats, Ukraine told that it was stressing “peace, a timely ceasefire and the retreat of Russian troops”. The videoconference talks halted without a breakthrough ahead of a premeditated resumption today. “Only after this can we discuss regional ties and political disparities,” Kyiv’s lead diplomat Mikhailo Podolyak said in a video statement broadcast to Twitter.

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