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Russia strikes Ukraine military airport, used long-range precision weapons

Today is the 11th day of the Ukraine-Russia War. Russia's Defense Ministry said on Sunday that Russia attacked Ukraine's Starokostiantyiv military airport with long-range high-precision weapons. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said ,"Russian armed forces continue to attack Ukraine's military infrastructure." Meanwhile, a temporary ceasefire has been announced again in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Mariupol's city council has said that the ceasefire will remain in force between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. local time. During this, the work of evacuating 40,000 residents will be done. On the other hand, the General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces claimed on Sunday that more than 11,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since Moscow launched an invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The day before, Russian casualties exceeded 10,000. The General Staff did not report Ukrainian casualties.

The Indian Embassy in Hungary has made an important announcement today, saying that today is the last flight of Operation Ganga, so the people trapped there should reach Budapest, Hungary City or Rakozy UT 90 between 10 am and 12 noon today. The Indian embassy in Ukraine has also asked all Indians who survived there today to "immediately" contact with mobile numbers, location details.

The embassy has also issued a Google form for this. The official Twitter account of the embassy has posted a Google form, asking for basic details like name, passport number and current location. Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened Ukraine's existence. After the attack by the Russian army, Russia is facing tough economic sanctions from many western countries including America. Due to this the economy of Russia is being affected rapidly. Infuriated by this, Moscow has threatened to end the status of the country to Ukraine.

US-based card payment giants Visa and Mastercard have suspended Russia from operations in the latest attempts to isolate themselves from the world economy. Meanwhile, Russia has accused Ukraine of making nuclear "dirty bombs". Russian media on Sunday alleged, citing an unnamed source, that Ukraine was making a "dirty bomb" of plutonium-based nuclear weapons at Chernobyl.

However, the source did not provide any evidence related to this. TASS, RIA and Interfax news agencies on Sunday quoted "a representative of a competent body" in Russia as saying that Ukraine was developing nuclear weapons at the destroyed Chernobyl nuclear power plant that was shut down in 2000. Ukraine's government has denied this, saying it has no plans to rejoin the nuclear club after the breakup of the Soviet Union and giving up its nuclear weapons in 1994.

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