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Russia has warned the United States as Moscow said : We might have to put you in your place

The Russian invasion has entered its 100th Day; the war seems to have no end as Moscow is now controlling 20% of Ukraine. Most European countries and the U.S. are trying to punish Russia by imposing sanctions or providing heavy arms supply to Ukraine. But now, Russia has warned the United States that Moscow might have to put the entire world's pre-eminent superpower in its place and has also accused the western countries of spreading "Russophobic" plots to put Russia's morale down.

Russia's former president and now Russia's security council Dmitry Medvedev has given a shocking statement. He has said the United States has stoked "disgusting" Russophobia ( fear towards Russia) and is attempting to force and the U.S. is also trying to force Russia to its knees. He has said that these tactics of the United States "will not work - Russia has the might to put all of our bars enemies in their place."

Moscow has also warned the U.S. that " unpredictable consequences " will be" if it refuses to stop sending weapons to Ukraine. According to the Washington Post, a diplomatic note was sent to the Biden administration. The U.S. has recently announced that more sophisticated offensive weaponry would be sent to Ukraine as a part of an $800 million package.

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