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Russia Bans Top Officials from Resigning Amidst Ongoing Conflict, UK Reports

In an effort to avoid perceptions of defeatism and maintain a sense of collective responsibility, Russia has implemented a ban on its highest-ranking officials from resigning, according to information provided by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Under the ban, regional leaders, security officials, and members of the influential Presidential Administration are prohibited from stepping down while the ongoing "Special Military Operation" continues. The MoD, in an intelligence update shared on Twitter, revealed that the ban is likely reinforced by the threat of fabricated criminal charges against those who attempt to resign.

The ministry further highlighted that while many officials may harbor skepticism about the war in private and experience stress within the dysfunctional wartime apparatus, the ban serves the dual purpose of preventing capability gaps and preserving a perception of unity and resolve.

This development comes as explosions shook cities across Ukraine during the night, prompting air raid alerts for millions of residents in anticipation of an expected counteroffensive. Notably, the capital city, Kiev, was targeted for the ninth time this month in a Russian air raid, while an individual lost their life in the Odesa region due to a missile attack.

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