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Russia attained its first success, Liberates Ukraine's Mariupol

On April 21, Thursday, President Putin announces that Ukraine's Mariupol is successfully liberated after more than the Russian-Ukraine ongoing war. After the first success, President Putin has asked its army not to destroy the Azovstal steel plant, considered to be the last stronghold in Ukraine, but ordered to block it so that no one could evade it. Moscow's leader announced the liberation of Mariupol after the defense minister of Moscow confirmed the news that the city was under control except for the Azovstal steel plant. Putin further adds, "Barr this industrial area so that not a single soldier can escape."

In its recent endeavors, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that Russian forces were carrying out every possible plan to liberate two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine. He further guaranteed that the steel plant was successfully blocked, as, without this steel plant, Russia wouldn't have been able to declare complete victory over the city.

Mariupol is a crucial city in terms of strategic and symbolic importance. The annexure of this city can beget severe consequences for Ukraine, turning it into a land lock country.

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