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Raja's 'Amrapali' released in OTT, how much Jamal Somraj-Ayushi's on-screen romance

Director Raja Chand's new film 'Amrapali' has been released not on the big screen but in OTT. In fact, people have become dependent on digital during the Corona period in many cases. From Tollywood to Bollywood, digital platforms are everywhere. The popularity of digital platforms is on the rise. In this situation, the makers of 'Amrapali' decided to release the film in OTT.

Amrapali has a touch of politics as well as a love triangle. Somraj, Boney Sengupta, and Ayushi Talukder are playing the lead roles. Actor Sudeep Mukherjee plays a special role in the film. Actor Boney Sengupta was seen in a completely different role.

Raja Chand himself wrote the screenplay of the film. Most of the parts were shot in Bolpur. A song from the film was shot on the beach of Mandarmani. The film revolves around a love triangle.

Real-life couple Somraj and Ayushi share the screen for the first time in the film. Somraj and Aayushi's off-screen romance is how beautiful this time on-screen? First, on the part of the makers, it was decided to release the film on the big screen. But later, the producer changed his decision. 'Amrapali' was released on the OTT platform on November 4. The film has started streaming on G5. This film has been released under the banner of Extreme Entertainment.

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