Putin, to no longer walk on the path of diplomacy, aims to capture a major portion of Ukraine

The Russia-Ukraine war has reached its 2 months and has unveiled various horrendous events in Ukraine. The surging tensions between the two nations seem not to halt. By witnessing the grim events in Ukraine, it is evident that President Putin has lost their inclination to diplomatic talks and has abandoned the thought of ending the Ukraine war diplomatically. Russian President Putin is on a quest to acquire major land in Ukraine, with no backing to the diplomatic path. Putin initially tried to engage in diplomatic talks with Ukraine, but with a change in scenario, he is no longer willing to settle the ongoing war.

.Russian President Putin has abandoned the path of diplomacy after Ukraine's offensive attack on Moskva, the flagship of Moscow's Black sea fleet. After Ukraine's attack on the flagship, Russian President Putin has said, "All the peace efforts are now at a dead end."

Ukraine's attack on the Moskva missile cruiser seriously damaged the ship and even injured many. Pentagon even claims that the Russian warship had sunk in the black sea after getting damaged by the attack of Ukraine.

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