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omicron Tsunami in India:

One patient died due to Omicron, 7 days ago Kovid report was negative

The number of Omicron patients is increasing in the country. The total number of Omicron patients in the country has reached 1271. Omicron patients have been found in more than 21 states of the country. Now a patient infected with Omicron has died.

A 73-year-old Omicron case in India died on Friday in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Omikron is said to have died. This is the first death in the country due to Omicron. A 73-year-old man died of pneumonia caused by covid. This person has no travel history. It was tested on December 21 and 22. It was found to be negative in this test. But on December 25, he was found to be infected with Omicron, said CMHO Dr. Dinesh Kharadi said.

He had diabetes and hypertension and hypothyroidism. In such cases, the virus has a major effect on the body. Also, if you have diabetes, the risk increases, says Dr. Dinesh Kharadi said. A total of 69 Omicron patients have been found in Rajasthan so far. Rajasthan ranks 5th in the country in omikran infection.

So far 4 patients of Omicron in Udaipur:

So far 4 patients of Omicron have been found in Udaipur. An Omicron patient was found on December 27 in Udaipur. Earlier, on December 25, three patients were found. The husband, wife,

and a 68-year-old woman were found to be Omicron positive.

The death of that person in Maharashtra is not due to Omicron

A 52-year-old man from Pimpri in Pune died of a heart attack on Tuesday. He is undergoing treatment at YCM. They were infected with omicron. However, his death was not caused by covid, the health department said. Earlier it was said that the death of this patient was due to Omicron.

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