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Non-Yadav Vs Non-Thakur Election Mission, Who Will Win?

The contest between BJP and SP is going on, it remains to be seen in whose hands the power of Uttar Pradesh will be in the hands. Akhilesh Yadav is creating a political cycle against Yogi Adityanath in the 2022 elections using the same formula, which was adopted by the BJP in the 2017 assembly elections and removed the SP from power. BJP had gathered non-Yadav OBC castes against SP five years ago and now Akhilesh is preparing to win power in the state by mobilizing non-Thakur upper caste castes against Yogi in the same way.

Let us tell you that after the victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh in 2017, Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister. After about 15 years in the state, a CM was found in the form of Yogi Adityanath from the Thakur caste of the upper caste society.

With the coronation of CM Yogi, it was understood that Thakur caste has become dominant in Uttar Pradesh, because Yogi himself also comes from the same Thakur caste. The opposition parties started terming CM Yogi as pro-Thakur and anti-Brahmin and in the 2022 elections, it is now seen to be a major obstacle in the election for the BJP.

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