Mummies with golden tongues were found in Egypt

Last year, Archaeologists discovered 402 funerary figurines, amulets, and scarabs from one of the tombs. It was perfectly preserved, maybe because it hadn't been opened in 2,500 years. They even discovered two 2,500-year-old mummies with golden tongues.

The two mummies, a man and a woman, were laid to rest in a limestone sarcophagus called Oxyrhynchus. They might have died around 525 B.C at the tail end of the Senate dynasty and the last time native Egyptians reigned over their kingdom before the Persian conquest in the 6th Century B.C.

After the tomb was discovered, it was sealed. According to the excavation director Esther Pond Melado, it was essential because it's rare to find a totally sealed tomb.

Esther Pons Melado and Maite Mascot have discovered a lot since 1992; they first started digging at Oxyrhynchus Archaeological site, which belonged to the Roman era tombs with human remains and Byzantine crypts to the gold left adorned mummies found last year.

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