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Mumbai Covid Restrictions

The threat of Omicron has increased and new guidelines have been announced in Mumbai,

Notice about New Year party has been announced.

The threat of Omicron variant is increasing in the country and the total number of patients has reached 140 today. Therefore, the government is likely to take drastic steps and new regulations have been issued in Mumbai.

The number of Omicron victims in the country has reached 140.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation has issued new guidelines.

The number of Omicron-infected patients in the country is on the rise, with 12 more in Telangana, eight in Maharashtra, six in Karnataka and four more in Kerala. As a result, the total number of patients has reached 140.

Considering the growing danger of Omicron, Mumbai Municipal Corporation has issued new guidelines and Mumbaikars should avoid Christmas and New Year celebrations, appealed Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal.

Omicron is causing an outbreak of covid patients in Britain and other countries in Europe. At the same time, the threat of the Omicron variant of the Corona is increasing in India and today the number of patients has gone beyond 140. The figures from Maharashtra are worrying. With the addition of 8 new patients in Maharashtra today, the number of patients has increased to 48. Out of the patients found today, 4 patients are from Mumbai Airport Survey, 3 patients are from Satara and 1 patient is from Pune Municipal Corporation area. With the discovery of 12 new patients in Telangana, the number of patients in the state has gone up to 20. In Karnataka, 6 new patients have been identified, bringing the number of patients in the state to 14, while in Kerala, 4 new patients have been added, bringing the total number in the state to 11.

Preventive measures have been initiated in view of the growing danger of omicron. Mumbai Municipal Corporation has issued new guidelines today. It also called for an end to Christmas and New Year celebrations. The municipality has given a warning to avoid crowds, follow the guidelines, otherwise face action. It has also been decided to appoint a squad in each ward to take action against the culprits.

Here are the guidelines:

1. In case of attendance of 50 per cent of the seating capacity in a closed hall, 25 per cent attendance will be required for open space.

2. If more than 1000 people are expected to attend an event in an open field or other place, prior approval of Disaster Management Authority is required.

3. All hotels, restaurants, cinemas, malls should strictly abide by the rules laid down for customer numbers and other matters.

4. Only those who have been fully vaccinated can be used in public places. It also includes public transport services. Strict action will be taken in case of violation of rules.

5. Full vaccination of every person working in the markets, various establishments will be mandatory. In addition, vaccination of employees serving at various functions or other places is also mandatory. Otherwise action will be taken against the concerned establishment.

6. The mask will be compulsory. Care should also be taken to observe social distance, cleanliness and sanitation.

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