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Married 53 times in 43 years, you will be surprised to hear the reason

Weird News: A person has 53 marriages in his life in 43 years. Everyone is shocked to hear this. The news that this 63-year-old man has not one or two but as many as 53 marriages has shocked everyone. It is said that this person married so much to find peace and a suitable partner.

A man in Saudi Arabia has set a unique record of getting married 53 times in 43 years. Explaining the reason behind these marriages, the man said he got married to bring 'peace and stability. After this marriage record, the 63-year-old man revealed the reason behind his multiple marriages, which stunned everyone. The man says he entered this 43 marriage in search of a girl who would make him happy.

According to a report in Gulf News, the man has been identified as Abu Abdullah. Narrating his story, Abu said, 'When I got married for the first time, I had no intention of getting married again. At that time, I was pleased, and we had a child. After this, the man decided to marry again at 23. Because he was facing problems in his married life, the man said he tries to be honest with all his wives.

Marriage due to strife

The man said that he and his wives had many problems. This was the reason that prompted him to marry again and again. He said, 'I have married 53 women. My first marriage took place when I was only 20 years old, and my wife was six years older than me. The person said that he did not plan this marriage. Tired of his wife's troubles, he had to take this decision every time under duress.

"I will not marry again."

Abdullah said that the shortest period of their marriage was a one-night event. He said most of his marriages were to Saudi women. 'I have also married some foreign women.' The man says he did it to avoid legal trouble on foreign soil. However, now Abdullah will not think of not marrying again.

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