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Kerala Becomes First State in India to Deploy Statewide Drone Surveillance System

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - In a significant development, Kerala has become the first state in the country to establish a comprehensive drone surveillance system across all its police districts. The milestone was achieved as Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan distributed drones to every police district and awarded drone pilot licenses to specially trained operators at a ceremony held earlier today.

Chief Minister Vijayan also unveiled an indigenously developed anti-drone software during the event. Addressing the gathering, he emphasized Kerala's commitment to modernizing the police force and highlighted the increasing prevalence of drones in society, underlining the importance of developing an effective anti-drone system.

In his speech, the Chief Minister requested that the trained drone pilots share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues to ensure widespread competence in operating the surveillance equipment.

To prepare the police personnel for this technological advancement, Kerala police had sent 25 officers to the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras for specialized training. Additionally, another 20 individuals received basic drone operation training from the drone lab in Kerala.

IG P Prakash, IPS, the nodal officer of the Cyberdome of Kerala Police, spoke about the intended applications of the newly deployed drones. He explained that they would be primarily utilized for law enforcement purposes, as well as during disaster management operations. "Our police drones are employed in challenging situations and sometimes in areas that are typically inaccessible. Therefore, our personnel need to be specially trained," Mr. Prakash told the Press Trust of India.

Initially, each of the 20 police districts in the state received one drone. However, the statewide implementation of the drone surveillance system marks a significant step forward in enhancing Kerala's law enforcement capabilities and public safety measures.

Kerala has distinguished itself further by establishing a state-level drone forensic lab and an anti-drone system, making it the first state in India to achieve such milestones. The drone forensic lab possesses the capability to identify malicious drones and retrieve comprehensive data for thorough analysis, providing crucial insights for investigations, as highlighted by the IPS officer.

Similarly, the anti-drone system developed in Kerala has the capacity to detect any unauthorized drone within a 5-kilometer radius, neutralize its operation, and facilitate its seizure.

"We take great pride in this indigenous anti-drone system, which has been developed in Kerala," expressed Mr. Prakash, highlighting the state's commitment to innovation and self-reliance in the realm of drone technology.

The implementation of the drone surveillance system and the introduction of the anti-drone software mark a significant advancement for Kerala's law enforcement agencies, enabling them to tackle modern security challenges effectively. With the support of trained drone pilots and cutting-edge technology, Kerala is poised to enhance public safety, maintain law and order, and respond swiftly during times of crisis.

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