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Israel’s military asserted that it had undertaken air attacks on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip, a day after missiles fired from Gaza landed in the Mediterranean Sea. It was not evident whether the missiles from Gaza on Saturday were indicated to hit Israel, but Gaza-based groups frequently test-fire missiles towards the sea. “As fireworks lit up the skies to celebrate NewYear2022 around the world, a different type of fire came from Gaza-terrorist rocket-fire toward Israel,” the Israel military announced in a tweet on Sunday.

“In response, we just struck Hamas sites in Gaza, including a rocket manufacturing site & military posts used for terrorist activity.”The Israel Defense Forces told in a quick message to the press that they were "currently carrying out strikes" in Gaza, the Palestinian territory governed by the Islamist movement Hamas. Hazem Qassem, a representative for Hamas, notified Al Jazeera that some of the regions targeted by the Israel strikes comprise agrarian lands. There were no accounts of accidents from Saturday’s strike. No danger signals were sounded and Israel’s Iron Dome rocket interception network did not deploy, the army said in a statement.

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