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Israel Announces Daily Four-Hour Pauses in Northern Gaza for Humanitarian Aid and Civilian Safety

In a significant development aimed at addressing the humanitarian crisis in the conflict-torn region, Israel has announced a series of four-hour military operation pauses in areas of northern Gaza each day. The move comes in response to increasing international pressure to provide assistance to the affected population and to allow civilians to safely evacuate the conflict zone.

The announcement was made by the White House, and the timing of these daily pauses will be disclosed three hours in advance, according to John Kirby, a spokesperson for the US National Security Council. Mr. Kirby stated, "We've been told by the Israelis that there will be no military operations in these areas over the duration of the pause, and that this process is starting today."

The United States has expressed its approval of this initiative, considering it a step in the right direction. John Kirby emphasized that the United States had been urging Israel to minimize civilian casualties and take measures to reduce the numbers affected by the ongoing conflict. He noted that these four-hour pauses would provide a "breathing space for a few hours" for civilians to move out of harm's way, offering a glimmer of hope in this dire situation.

Furthermore, Kirby highlighted that these pauses would create "brief windows of opportunity" for the potential safe passage of hostages who are being held by Hamas, a group classified as a terrorist organization by several countries.

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